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Rewarding jobs are out there...

We work for you

We don't just match CV's to Job Specs 

We like to find out more about you and try to match you with a role not just with the right skills sets, but also in a company with the right culture for you. We have have an extensive network of clients with a wide range of IT opportunities, many of which never get advertised on job boards or other agencies. We can give you a feel for what is out there and can either put you forward for suitable roles, or perhaps advise on career progression on a different tangent. 


Finding a new role can be both time consuming and stressful, looking for the right vacancies, preparing and updating your CV, organising interviews and following up. We are here to help at every stage of the process.

We have experienced experts available with strong IT backgrounds who can give advice on career paths and options open to you

Our Approach

It's good to talk

Initially we like to have look at your CV and then call/meet up to find out more about you and make sure that it is a good representation of what you have achieved and who you are. We regularly speak to great candidates who haven't made the most of their CV's but with a few simple changes their chances of getting through to an interview are greatly improved. We will look to not only match your job requirements but also try to find the right kind of company & culture that you are looking for.

Multiple Opportunities

Rather than spending hours searching job boards for the ideal role, let us use our extensive knowledge of the industry and client base to present you with a number of opportunities that fit your brief.

Interviews and Job Offers

As well as arranging your interviews, we can also give you tips and advice to ensure it goes well based on our individual knowledge of each client. When it comes to the art of negotiating offers and salaries, we’re here to help, using our specialist knowledge of the industry to get the right deal for everyone concerned. We will also get some honest feedback for you, to use for the next interview if this one isn't a success (it happens!)

After you start

We like to stay in touch to see how you are getting on and ensure you’re happy in your new role. Our business will only thrive if we get it right for you and you new employer.

Contact Us

If you would us to find a new role for you or just a chat to see what is out there, please give us a call on 01622 939155

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