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Brilliant people are out there..


why use us

We enjoy finding good people the right opportunities.

This means our focus is on finding you exceptional candidates who will thrive in and with your organisation, not just take a job.

how we work for you

With over 10 years in the IT sector in the South East we have an extensive database of contacts and connections in the IT Sector and we are very selective in who we add to it. But if we don’t know the kind of candidate you are looking for, it’s likely that we know someone who does.

Only once we have a firm understanding of your requirements will we look to our candidates. A great deal of our work is looking beyond the CV, which regularly doesn’t do the candidate justice and often hides the very attributes, skills or qualifications that a company is looking for. Naturally, a similar number do the opposite, as we all know that the CV can be the closest any of us come to perfection….

what we do for you

Finding good people to help take your company forward can be difficult. We believe that by having a personal approach to both clients and candidates we can successfully match the two with better long term results.

We either know or will find selected candidates for your organisation and put forward only those who we believe will closely match your requirements.

We work across all levels, and are able to provide both permanent candidates and contract/interim consultants. We can help with support roles, technical specialists or technical director level roles and are at home working with start ups through to enterprise organisations.

fee structure

Our standard fee is 10% of first years remuneration. Our rebate scheme is also generous because hopefully we'll never use it....and if we do it will show that we are looking to keep working for you.

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