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"homo sapien creatus is a sub-species of homo sapien identified by dynamic thinking styles and confident action. Sapien creatus can be taught to think in abstract terms and to take innovative risks during an entrepreneural endeavor. Creatus are creative problem solvers, adventurous, kind and helpful".

(naturally we chose an urban dictionary definition that made us sound cool...)

Leonard Kay

I spent 11 years building the client base at Custodian Data Centre in Maidstone. Over that time I have come to know and work with a lot of people at all levels across the IT sector in the South East and beyond. A few of them were a pain in the ass :-) but on the whole most were brilliant to be around, technically very good and it was great to see them thrive.

Although Data Centres and Networks are technical products, working with people is probably what I do best and enjoy most. That could be taking a potential client on a tour of the facilities, or perhaps discussing a requirement that a client had that I couldn’t help with, but I knew someone who could.


One common theme that came up in my general discussions with clients over a coffee, was finding (and keeping) good technical staff.

With so many contacts I regularly found myself putting good people who were looking to move on, in touch with companies who I thought would be a good fit for them. I do have this slightly idealistic notion that a particular individual should enjoy and thrive at work, and that there is an ideal company culture for everyone somewhere.

The idea of finding a role for someone that gives them a sense of purpose and makes the most of their skills whilst adding value to the hiring company/team really appeals to me.

So Creatus was born, with the ambition of having a personal approach to IT Recruitment. Please drop us a line at Creatus, we just might have just what you're looking for..and if we don't, we'll know someone who does.

When I'm not connecting people, I spend my time sticking bits back on our 1970's VW Camper (called Grub), staggering around a football pitch as part of the 'Tenterden Expendables' vets football team, or practicing my Dad jokes on my long suffering wife and three children.

In addition to me, I'm fortunate enough to have Christina who keeps me organised (which as anyone who knows me will tell you, is no mean task).

bring in the experts

There is no point pretending that we alone can have a full understanding of the wide range of Information Technologies and the variety of roles involved. We regularly work with a number of specialist IT professionals who we are able to bring in to advise and give us a better understanding of the demands of certain skill sets.

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